Saturday, December 29, 2012

before night falls

before night falls

before night falls by aseri22 featuring diane von furstenberg

Well well, since its almost new year's. And i love going to new years party, not the crazy kind but i love waiting anxiously for midnight to hit and we goooooo crrrraaaaazzy. My favorite party time ;) but my rule is if you're going to have a new years party make every girl wear something with sparkles or glitter or bling . i love shiny things ;) . so i created a set with something i would wear to a new years party. Happy new year and happy fashion. 

Holly Joy

Holly Joy

Holly Joy by aseri22 featuring sequin tops

I love love love love Christmas, here are some sets that i created on my new obsession Polyvore. Here is something i would wear to a Christmas dinner/ party or get together . Tis' the season to wear sparkle,glitter and bling. 

Winter wonder glam

travel bug

travel bug

travel bug by aseri22 featuring a beige shirt

I don't travel much, but you know what?? one day i will!!!!I'm going to go all over the world. My list consist of #1 Paris, #New Zeland, and #3 Spain.  And what a shame when people travel and not look fashionable.  Its just heartbreaking and sad. so lets set some ground rules, lets go anywhere in general look like a hot mess please, pretty please. Happy travels to all the beautiful traveling people who are traveling in style out there ;) 

warm and cozy

random outfits

random outfits

random outfits by aseri22 featuring leather oxfords

Here are two random outfits that i created on polyvore. Hope ya'll are staying warm this season ;)

Day in L.A

My Style

color blocking

Rock leather with braided skiry

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being well dressed

being well dressed

being well dressed by aseri22 featuring stiletto high heels

Here is a set that i just created :). Its been forever since I've blogged. soo sad :(. well where should i begin ? Well i had a splendid summer. Lot of working and busyness, if that's even a word. I've been working like a mad women lately. I'm about to start redoing our room, will be posting pics to let yo you know what it turn out like :). So excited about what it`s going to turn out like . My Set here is just about being well dresses, not very many people today understand that the way you dress, explains who you are. So if you think well of yourself, dress well. Happy Wednesday folks.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Class is never going to fade.

Always wanna hear you...

Always wanna hear you... by nkara featuring a full skirt

I love funky, beautiful clothing. But one thing i don't think could fade away from is classic clothing items. Just like things that are essential in every closet for every season. A classic black dress, blazer, pencil skirt and black pumps. These pieces are needed in every season, they make a drastic change to outfits that may seem casual until you add a black blazer. and BAM, you're outfit went from looking good to amazing.

 I am infatuated with channel. She is one classic designer. her jackets, purses and style over all is timeless. I shall one day buy one of her lovely purse to remember her forever. HaHa. Hope you're all enjoying a relaxing memorial weekend with friends and family not forgetting to appreciate all the people who are serving and have served for the freedom of out country.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Be Different !!

I think of you!!!!

How are we so "different"?
If "different" is just a thing.
If we all have certain features,
What does "different" bring?

People filled with hatred,
Can't possibly see,
That there's not really "differences"
Between you and me.

Looks can't show "difference",
If they're just there to be seen.
If you don't look like someone else,
Why are they so mean?

If being "different" is what is wrong,
I'd rather not be right.
And I'd want to finish living,
Doing the "different" fight

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is a borad that was created by Ashley . She is on of the board creators on Polyvore a community that i am in love with and i see so much things thatr i can create ;) She created her board carnival theme and has many other great boards. Something i want to do more of this summer, go to theme parks, carnivals and festivals. So cheers to you on this this lovely Wednesday ;) 
Carnivaal by ashleigh96 featuring slip on sandals

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

calm, cool & collective

calm, cool & collective

calm, cool & collective by aseri22 featuring oliver peoples sunglasses

I created this board yesterday . Hope you like it. Please comment ;) Something i would love to embark on this year is men's clothing.

Gone Wild

A post Finally and Top Art & Expression Sets for May 22nd, 2012

Well Folks Happy Tuesday!, Its been a while since i've posted and i'm finally posting after the two busiest week of my life. I mean i thought i was going crazy, all the school work is ovvvveeeerrrr glory hallelujah!!!!, I am free women, well not really thinking about all the work i will have to get done at college. On my college plans, I am going to be attending Art Institute of Sunnyvale , hoping to attain a B.A in Fashion Marketing and business Management . My grad party was a success, i will be posing some pics soon. I am here in the beautiful town of Salida with my favorite family friends the Drodrolagi's, swimming, relaxing reading and having a good time while my parents are away celebrating their 20th anniversary, so blessed to have amazing parents like them, i pray that one day when i;m married i can count 20 lovely years with the person who has been with me through all the adventures that life holds. I'm relaxing here for two reasons for my relaxing mode, this is probably the week that i get to chelax, next week i have another busy week, just eliminating school work, just work and my business. Next week is hustle week, i shall be doing a whole lot of sewing, researching, getting my website up there and hope fully starting my clothing line . So here i am relaxing sleeping late, waking up late dreading and excited about what my future holds and just ready to start this new journey awaiting me in life. Here is what polyvore is creating and i am loving very much, i'm terrible when it comes to drawing, painting or any form of paper art, seriously!!! i suck majorly. But i discovered polyvore fashion arts and i'm in love, so here they are. Enjoy your fabulous Tuesday ;)

Thursday, May 10, 2012


That's exactly what i feel like yelling at time, JUST WAIT A MINUET . But reality is time never waits, it just keeps moving and has no respect for anyone but for itself, you either mange it or you lose it. And here i am finding time to sneak a post on my neglected  blog. I am sorry poor blog, i have seriously not had time and you must understand, finishing finals, shopping for the graduation party, making decorations and the million other things (aaahhhhhhhhhh) that i have to do. But through it all i have found strength in God. I don't think i would be doing all the things that i am doing and have gotten done without God. He has given me supernatural strength.

 Currently this is the first day that i am home all day and have so many things to i feel like i'm losing my mind and i just want to just go to the beach fall asleep and when i wake up everything is finished and i just go to the graduation party. Hahahaha good one Aseri, keep dreaming!!!

Ohhh one news announcement, please check out lovely friend Rebecca Williams blog here ;)  She is an awsome photographer and there are so many other things that makes her an amazing person  that she is, not to mention that she is also one of my die hard blog followers, i feel honored .

Hope you're all having a Fabulous Thursday and looking forward to the weekend, like i am because it's my graduation ceremony, woooohoooo. Ok i'll shut up bye  ;)

Friday, April 27, 2012

I will survive !!

Yes, i will survive. Haha happy Friday folks :). I actually survived this week. It's been one crazy busy week. This week i had my meeting with my teacher and i had tons of school work to turn in and i did i tell you how horrible of a procrastinator I am. Seriously, you want to meet some who procrastinates, well you've met them, i tend to do things the minuet all the time. It's a habit i'm trying to break before i get to college, because if i keep procrastinating now, when i only have a few projects due imagine when I'm in college and i have a load of assignments to get done.I still have a few more assignments to get done before i graduate, which i'm trying to get done before  my ceremony, so yes procrastinator is not invited  Yeah, not a good idea.

Well right now i am in Sacramento :), just a mini vacation. My family and i are up here visiting family and just chilaxing hanging out with my crazy cousins . Oh good news, i'm going to be selling clothing online this summer, to start me off i'm going to start off by selling skirts and then eventually move up to shirts, tops, dresses and other clothing items so, i will keep ya'll updated on that stuff.

Here is a picture of the pattern of the skirts that i will be selling this summer, it's a vintage and i am so very excited because i have a ton of cute material to sew :)

I am very excited, not only about my business but also because i am graduating in two weeks ;). I am happy because it took me forever to achieve this, also because i'm having a huge graduation bbq at my house with four three other of my friends, Seth, Frances and Lane. We are having an outdoor gathering and I've been working tirelessly collecting and planning for this grad party. Right now I'm sitting here making streamer flowers, and my next project is dollie table runners ;). Hope you're having a fabulous Friday and a great weekend ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sneak Peek of mi Senior Pictures

Here is a Sneak Peek of my senior pictures that i took with the most amazing people ever Melissa and Jason Kidwell check out there blog here for some simply stunning pictures. They are some of my favorite people in the world and they are amazing photographers ;). They really did an awesome job with the pictures. Well i'll be posting soon, as for right now i have a boat load of school work to do, so hopefully next week :(. Love ya'll hope you're having a fabulous week so far. ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh Busy me!

Woohooo, finally no more rain for us folks here in San Jose :)).  Well two weeks have been nothing but rain, and though we did need the rain, i'm ready for the sunshine. It's Tuesday?!! What i feel like its Thursday, weekend please come quickly i beg you, This is a very busy week for me, even though it is my "spring break" there is nothing "break" about it, at least i get  the lovely spring weather.

 I can't believe it's Easter this weekend. Good lord where has time gone ? . I still don't know what in the world i am going to wear to Easter Sunday :(, yes i am sad because usually i'm on top of my game and i know two weeks before what to wear to Easter Sunday, but not this year. I just have to much going on that i realized that it's April already, not to mention,School work, Youth Convention, English and U.S History Final two days before YC, Senior pictures photo shoot with the Kidwell's and graduation party, so yes Easter was #100 on my to do list. Let's hope i actually get my work done, by the grace of God i will get through this week The images below are a few items i want to add to my closet for this year, which i will be working as my key pieces. My first favorite is the cheetah print peplum top, it would look so cute with a short solid colored cardigan.

On this pleasant Tuesday night i'm stealing a post  here on my blog, trying not to stress out to much ,listening to "Come Fly with Me" by : Frank Sinatra , taking pictures of  antique pieces that my momma wants to sell on eBay and then got through the hassle of washing and straightening my hair (which means i'll be up all night). 
Hope ya'll are having a Fabulous Night ;)

And this is what i want to wear this Easter :

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion trends I'm digging

Well,Well, good day good day ;). I love Fashion, i just do!!. I don't really know why,but oh well there are a whole lot of questions in life without answers, so i'm not going to stress myself out trying to figure out why and just do what i enjoy doing. I was browsing through fashion websites such as Elle, Glamour and Lucky looking at the fashion trends of this season, and discovered some cute ideas i want to try this spring. 

So ready to take on this day. Haha for once i actually wake up when my alarm rings without hitting the snooze button, and having my eye battle. And also, i'm on an adventure to try to lose 15 pounds wohoo. I'm trying to eat right and workout and complement with green tea ;) and then yesterday my sister had the bright idea to make homemade chocolate chip cookies. aaahhh, sweets are my weakness, i'm not going to say how many cookies i ate, because you would call me a pure fatty. Ok, i'll stop my blabbing and let you have a glamorous Thursday. 

      Pastel and Sorbet shades

         Metallic basics

                 Peplum top-dress, my favorite trend of spring :)

           Tangerine orange shades

                       Futuristic prints

                     Color blocking, my second favorite ;)

           Bold Prints

    Ladylike cameo


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My room Inspiration

Happy Wednesday!!. Here is a set that i created on my new addiction a  website called Polyvore :). My sister and i are redoing our room and were trying to figure out what style/ theme were going to have,being two years apart in age we usually agree and like the same things, but when it comes to colors and styles we are two different people, but we don't hate each other or anything crazy like that, she has her own style and i have mine and we appreciate each other.

So on Monday, after my guitar class, i have an hour break in between before my voice class, and my sister was with me, we decided to take a walk through Campbell downtown,one of my favorite places ever!, it's a cute little street lined with boutiques,shops,cafes,restaurants. Our first stop was a little boutique called"Vintage&Vogue". It was the cutest boutique ever, though i had already been there before, my sister had not been to the store, and she totally fell in love. Since we are slowly starting the process of redoing our room, we finally agreed on this style.A shabby chic vintage/ vogue theme(if that's even a term). Hope you're having a pleasant rainy Wednesday ;)

My room Inspiration