Thursday, May 10, 2012


That's exactly what i feel like yelling at time, JUST WAIT A MINUET . But reality is time never waits, it just keeps moving and has no respect for anyone but for itself, you either mange it or you lose it. And here i am finding time to sneak a post on my neglected  blog. I am sorry poor blog, i have seriously not had time and you must understand, finishing finals, shopping for the graduation party, making decorations and the million other things (aaahhhhhhhhhh) that i have to do. But through it all i have found strength in God. I don't think i would be doing all the things that i am doing and have gotten done without God. He has given me supernatural strength.

 Currently this is the first day that i am home all day and have so many things to i feel like i'm losing my mind and i just want to just go to the beach fall asleep and when i wake up everything is finished and i just go to the graduation party. Hahahaha good one Aseri, keep dreaming!!!

Ohhh one news announcement, please check out lovely friend Rebecca Williams blog here ;)  She is an awsome photographer and there are so many other things that makes her an amazing person  that she is, not to mention that she is also one of my die hard blog followers, i feel honored .

Hope you're all having a Fabulous Thursday and looking forward to the weekend, like i am because it's my graduation ceremony, woooohoooo. Ok i'll shut up bye  ;)


  1. Thanks girl! Lol love the blog! Hope today was amazing! Congratulations!

    1. You're welcome Becca ;)!!!

      Thanks, today was amazing, we had a very simple little tree hugger ceremony in Boulder