Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My room Inspiration

Happy Wednesday!!. Here is a set that i created on my new addiction a  website called Polyvore :). My sister and i are redoing our room and were trying to figure out what style/ theme were going to have,being two years apart in age we usually agree and like the same things, but when it comes to colors and styles we are two different people, but we don't hate each other or anything crazy like that, she has her own style and i have mine and we appreciate each other.

So on Monday, after my guitar class, i have an hour break in between before my voice class, and my sister was with me, we decided to take a walk through Campbell downtown,one of my favorite places ever!, it's a cute little street lined with boutiques,shops,cafes,restaurants. Our first stop was a little boutique called"Vintage&Vogue". It was the cutest boutique ever, though i had already been there before, my sister had not been to the store, and she totally fell in love. Since we are slowly starting the process of redoing our room, we finally agreed on this style.A shabby chic vintage/ vogue theme(if that's even a term). Hope you're having a pleasant rainy Wednesday ;)

My room Inspiration

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