Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion trends I'm digging

Well,Well, good day good day ;). I love Fashion, i just do!!. I don't really know why,but oh well there are a whole lot of questions in life without answers, so i'm not going to stress myself out trying to figure out why and just do what i enjoy doing. I was browsing through fashion websites such as Elle, Glamour and Lucky looking at the fashion trends of this season, and discovered some cute ideas i want to try this spring. 

So ready to take on this day. Haha for once i actually wake up when my alarm rings without hitting the snooze button, and having my eye battle. And also, i'm on an adventure to try to lose 15 pounds wohoo. I'm trying to eat right and workout and complement with green tea ;) and then yesterday my sister had the bright idea to make homemade chocolate chip cookies. aaahhh, sweets are my weakness, i'm not going to say how many cookies i ate, because you would call me a pure fatty. Ok, i'll stop my blabbing and let you have a glamorous Thursday. 

      Pastel and Sorbet shades

         Metallic basics

                 Peplum top-dress, my favorite trend of spring :)

           Tangerine orange shades

                       Futuristic prints

                     Color blocking, my second favorite ;)

           Bold Prints

    Ladylike cameo


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My room Inspiration

Happy Wednesday!!. Here is a set that i created on my new addiction a  website called Polyvore :). My sister and i are redoing our room and were trying to figure out what style/ theme were going to have,being two years apart in age we usually agree and like the same things, but when it comes to colors and styles we are two different people, but we don't hate each other or anything crazy like that, she has her own style and i have mine and we appreciate each other.

So on Monday, after my guitar class, i have an hour break in between before my voice class, and my sister was with me, we decided to take a walk through Campbell downtown,one of my favorite places ever!, it's a cute little street lined with boutiques,shops,cafes,restaurants. Our first stop was a little boutique called"Vintage&Vogue". It was the cutest boutique ever, though i had already been there before, my sister had not been to the store, and she totally fell in love. Since we are slowly starting the process of redoing our room, we finally agreed on this style.A shabby chic vintage/ vogue theme(if that's even a term). Hope you're having a pleasant rainy Wednesday ;)

My room Inspiration

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Quirky Nolita Girl’s Dream at Alice + Olivia

Howdy Folks, Happy Sunday :), I was looking through the pics/ videos from Spring Fashion Week, and boy they had tons of cute clothes, some crazy and some weird. But i discovered the brand Olivia and her inspiration was drawn from Alice in Wonderland. I love, love her outfits ;), Click on the Link and check it out. Enjoy your Sunday, i'm going to catch a few zz's and then get ready for church tonight ;0, i'll be posting a few pics of  two vintage dresses that i found and am very excited, i might be wearing one the dresses to YC 2012 ;)
The Quirky Nolita Girl’s Dream at Alice + Olivia

Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Summer by aseri22 featuring a tulip dress

Haute Hippie tulip dress
$595 -

Printed top

Chan Luu elastic waist skirt
$495 -

Wet Seal wooden heels
$35 -

Ralph Lauren Collection boho handbag
$1,335 -

Phase Eight floppy hat
£30 -

Linda farrow sunglasses

Here are some items i'm diggin' right now from my newest and latest addicttion Polyvore :). Ahhh fashion i love you!!!! Happy Wednesday Folks.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Laughs :)

Happy Friday!! Hope you're as excited as me about Friday, it's the weekend woohoooo :). This was on long week for me, as for every other week. Hope you have a enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Here is something i wanted to share, so you can laugh along with me. This is a new method that they are using in schools in Samoa to stop cheating in school exams.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here it goes .

Hahaha, i'm basically laughing at myself while i'm posting, why?? because this is my second attempt to blog. Well i did have another blog, which i neglected over the years thanks to  Facebook, its boring just looking at people's profile pictures and reading someone's statues who updates it every 5 minuets ,like really you need to get a life, but i'm there just to connect with family who are all over the world. Seriously , have family everywhere, Fiji, New Zeland, England, China, Greece, Israel and the list goes on and on. I just turned 18 least year and boy it seem like life just stepped on the gas to speed ahead for reals. I'm growing up so fast, college, job,car and everything else, its hectic. I think that that's why i'm redoing my blog.I am so ready to graduate from high school, two more months baby!!!!!!. I think it's ok to redo things if you mess up the first time, therefore this blog, is here. Life has not been a smooth sail, but all the hard times i would not trade, why because i eventually will meet someone down the road of life that can i can relate and hopefully help that is going through what I've already been through. I think that even though we are in the third month on 2012, i have to say that i have become a changed person from events that have changed my as a person, i have not experienced so much change in such short time. Its a good change for me, because I've begun to see things in a clearer perspective, one thing is that life is short and live it to the best of your ability, love people who matter to you, never take special times for granted and be who you are because no one will ever be the best you. So on back to the subject to the real reason why i'm so supposed to be posting, i am ready to graduate, and i am dreaming of attend Art Institute of Sunnyvale to study Fashion Marketing and Management, hoping in the future to open up a shop to cater to brides, bride's maids, groom and groomsmen. I love to sew so it works out well, i'll be doing a few posts regarding fashion, well not a few probable a whole lot.Shoes and clothes make me happy, don't ask me why? because i don't know, but it just does and that's why i choose that field to go in to. Life is crazingly busy for me, if "crazingly" is even a word!!, to me it is haha, i love making up my own words, anyways, school, church, and everything else, its simple crazy, but you know what?, i'd rather be crazy busy than bored out of my mind.The longer i live the more i realize life is fragile, keep special friendships strong, be true to yourself and don't sell yourself short of your abilites.  And after a busy long and crazy day like today(if i don't have homework :/ ), i love to come home, get clean, make myself a hot cup of chamomile tea,get my guitar out and play, it never gets any better for me.