Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being well dressed

being well dressed

being well dressed by aseri22 featuring stiletto high heels

Here is a set that i just created :). Its been forever since I've blogged. soo sad :(. well where should i begin ? Well i had a splendid summer. Lot of working and busyness, if that's even a word. I've been working like a mad women lately. I'm about to start redoing our room, will be posting pics to let yo you know what it turn out like :). So excited about what it`s going to turn out like . My Set here is just about being well dresses, not very many people today understand that the way you dress, explains who you are. So if you think well of yourself, dress well. Happy Wednesday folks.


  1. i shall try my dear. thanks for the encouragement though :) you coming to church tonight?

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