Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion trends I'm digging

Well,Well, good day good day ;). I love Fashion, i just do!!. I don't really know why,but oh well there are a whole lot of questions in life without answers, so i'm not going to stress myself out trying to figure out why and just do what i enjoy doing. I was browsing through fashion websites such as Elle, Glamour and Lucky looking at the fashion trends of this season, and discovered some cute ideas i want to try this spring. 

So ready to take on this day. Haha for once i actually wake up when my alarm rings without hitting the snooze button, and having my eye battle. And also, i'm on an adventure to try to lose 15 pounds wohoo. I'm trying to eat right and workout and complement with green tea ;) and then yesterday my sister had the bright idea to make homemade chocolate chip cookies. aaahhh, sweets are my weakness, i'm not going to say how many cookies i ate, because you would call me a pure fatty. Ok, i'll stop my blabbing and let you have a glamorous Thursday. 

      Pastel and Sorbet shades

         Metallic basics

                 Peplum top-dress, my favorite trend of spring :)

           Tangerine orange shades

                       Futuristic prints

                     Color blocking, my second favorite ;)

           Bold Prints

    Ladylike cameo


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