Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A post Finally and Top Art & Expression Sets for May 22nd, 2012

Well Folks Happy Tuesday!, Its been a while since i've posted and i'm finally posting after the two busiest week of my life. I mean i thought i was going crazy, all the school work is ovvvveeeerrrr glory hallelujah!!!!, I am free women, well not really thinking about all the work i will have to get done at college. On my college plans, I am going to be attending Art Institute of Sunnyvale , hoping to attain a B.A in Fashion Marketing and business Management . My grad party was a success, i will be posing some pics soon. I am here in the beautiful town of Salida with my favorite family friends the Drodrolagi's, swimming, relaxing reading and having a good time while my parents are away celebrating their 20th anniversary, so blessed to have amazing parents like them, i pray that one day when i;m married i can count 20 lovely years with the person who has been with me through all the adventures that life holds. I'm relaxing here for two reasons for my relaxing mode, this is probably the week that i get to chelax, next week i have another busy week, just eliminating school work, just work and my business. Next week is hustle week, i shall be doing a whole lot of sewing, researching, getting my website up there and hope fully starting my clothing line . So here i am relaxing sleeping late, waking up late dreading and excited about what my future holds and just ready to start this new journey awaiting me in life. Here is what polyvore is creating and i am loving very much, i'm terrible when it comes to drawing, painting or any form of paper art, seriously!!! i suck majorly. But i discovered polyvore fashion arts and i'm in love, so here they are. Enjoy your fabulous Tuesday ;)

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