Friday, April 27, 2012

I will survive !!

Yes, i will survive. Haha happy Friday folks :). I actually survived this week. It's been one crazy busy week. This week i had my meeting with my teacher and i had tons of school work to turn in and i did i tell you how horrible of a procrastinator I am. Seriously, you want to meet some who procrastinates, well you've met them, i tend to do things the minuet all the time. It's a habit i'm trying to break before i get to college, because if i keep procrastinating now, when i only have a few projects due imagine when I'm in college and i have a load of assignments to get done.I still have a few more assignments to get done before i graduate, which i'm trying to get done before  my ceremony, so yes procrastinator is not invited  Yeah, not a good idea.

Well right now i am in Sacramento :), just a mini vacation. My family and i are up here visiting family and just chilaxing hanging out with my crazy cousins . Oh good news, i'm going to be selling clothing online this summer, to start me off i'm going to start off by selling skirts and then eventually move up to shirts, tops, dresses and other clothing items so, i will keep ya'll updated on that stuff.

Here is a picture of the pattern of the skirts that i will be selling this summer, it's a vintage and i am so very excited because i have a ton of cute material to sew :)

I am very excited, not only about my business but also because i am graduating in two weeks ;). I am happy because it took me forever to achieve this, also because i'm having a huge graduation bbq at my house with four three other of my friends, Seth, Frances and Lane. We are having an outdoor gathering and I've been working tirelessly collecting and planning for this grad party. Right now I'm sitting here making streamer flowers, and my next project is dollie table runners ;). Hope you're having a fabulous Friday and a great weekend ;)


  1. Oh yay! I can't wait to see your shop. Will you be selling on Etsy?
    love ya girl and miss you like crazy!
    (I like your new blog btw) ;)


    1. Lorrrrreeeelllll. omg, i miss you like crazy girl, i seriously need to call you or i need to plan a trip to ohio land so i can come see you. I will be starting a shop on etsy so yes it will be on there ;) I love you so much and miss you even more. Don't stop posting, you're blog is way better than mine!!!!

  2. oh wow, remember me to cuzzie!! i love your shirts they are soooo nice!! so when u do start selling holler at me!! And by the way nice blog!! Love you cuzzie!! tc n God bless

    1. Hiii Ema ;) Thank you. I will defenitely let you know when i start selling ;) Love and miss you too cuzzie <3

      <3 Aseri