Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh Busy me!

Woohooo, finally no more rain for us folks here in San Jose :)).  Well two weeks have been nothing but rain, and though we did need the rain, i'm ready for the sunshine. It's Tuesday?!! What i feel like its Thursday, weekend please come quickly i beg you, This is a very busy week for me, even though it is my "spring break" there is nothing "break" about it, at least i get  the lovely spring weather.

 I can't believe it's Easter this weekend. Good lord where has time gone ? . I still don't know what in the world i am going to wear to Easter Sunday :(, yes i am sad because usually i'm on top of my game and i know two weeks before what to wear to Easter Sunday, but not this year. I just have to much going on that i realized that it's April already, not to mention,School work, Youth Convention, English and U.S History Final two days before YC, Senior pictures photo shoot with the Kidwell's and graduation party, so yes Easter was #100 on my to do list. Let's hope i actually get my work done, by the grace of God i will get through this week The images below are a few items i want to add to my closet for this year, which i will be working as my key pieces. My first favorite is the cheetah print peplum top, it would look so cute with a short solid colored cardigan.

On this pleasant Tuesday night i'm stealing a post  here on my blog, trying not to stress out to much ,listening to "Come Fly with Me" by : Frank Sinatra , taking pictures of  antique pieces that my momma wants to sell on eBay and then got through the hassle of washing and straightening my hair (which means i'll be up all night). 
Hope ya'll are having a Fabulous Night ;)

And this is what i want to wear this Easter :

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