Sunday, May 27, 2012

Class is never going to fade.

Always wanna hear you...

Always wanna hear you... by nkara featuring a full skirt

I love funky, beautiful clothing. But one thing i don't think could fade away from is classic clothing items. Just like things that are essential in every closet for every season. A classic black dress, blazer, pencil skirt and black pumps. These pieces are needed in every season, they make a drastic change to outfits that may seem casual until you add a black blazer. and BAM, you're outfit went from looking good to amazing.

 I am infatuated with channel. She is one classic designer. her jackets, purses and style over all is timeless. I shall one day buy one of her lovely purse to remember her forever. HaHa. Hope you're all enjoying a relaxing memorial weekend with friends and family not forgetting to appreciate all the people who are serving and have served for the freedom of out country.  

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