Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here it goes .

Hahaha, i'm basically laughing at myself while i'm posting, why?? because this is my second attempt to blog. Well i did have another blog, which i neglected over the years thanks to  Facebook, its boring just looking at people's profile pictures and reading someone's statues who updates it every 5 minuets ,like really you need to get a life, but i'm there just to connect with family who are all over the world. Seriously , have family everywhere, Fiji, New Zeland, England, China, Greece, Israel and the list goes on and on. I just turned 18 least year and boy it seem like life just stepped on the gas to speed ahead for reals. I'm growing up so fast, college, job,car and everything else, its hectic. I think that that's why i'm redoing my blog.I am so ready to graduate from high school, two more months baby!!!!!!. I think it's ok to redo things if you mess up the first time, therefore this blog, is here. Life has not been a smooth sail, but all the hard times i would not trade, why because i eventually will meet someone down the road of life that can i can relate and hopefully help that is going through what I've already been through. I think that even though we are in the third month on 2012, i have to say that i have become a changed person from events that have changed my as a person, i have not experienced so much change in such short time. Its a good change for me, because I've begun to see things in a clearer perspective, one thing is that life is short and live it to the best of your ability, love people who matter to you, never take special times for granted and be who you are because no one will ever be the best you. So on back to the subject to the real reason why i'm so supposed to be posting, i am ready to graduate, and i am dreaming of attend Art Institute of Sunnyvale to study Fashion Marketing and Management, hoping in the future to open up a shop to cater to brides, bride's maids, groom and groomsmen. I love to sew so it works out well, i'll be doing a few posts regarding fashion, well not a few probable a whole lot.Shoes and clothes make me happy, don't ask me why? because i don't know, but it just does and that's why i choose that field to go in to. Life is crazingly busy for me, if "crazingly" is even a word!!, to me it is haha, i love making up my own words, anyways, school, church, and everything else, its simple crazy, but you know what?, i'd rather be crazy busy than bored out of my mind.The longer i live the more i realize life is fragile, keep special friendships strong, be true to yourself and don't sell yourself short of your abilites.  And after a busy long and crazy day like today(if i don't have homework :/ ), i love to come home, get clean, make myself a hot cup of chamomile tea,get my guitar out and play, it never gets any better for me. 

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